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Creating New Base Classes in ZUAUSR


Until ZUAUSR has been replaced by a more suitable tool, occasionally a new basic class must be created. One notable example is when we remove functions from ZUAUSR that are no longer requested via that mechanism, but Security Coordinators want a reminder that they need to request termination of a privilege. Another example is when a new Banner class is created to handle a particular circumstance and that new function will have roles granted in ZUAUSR.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Replacing Previous Functions with a Place Holder Class
  • Creating New Banner Classes
  • Classes of SCRIPT type

Replacing Previous Functions with a Place Holder Class

At one time the following class existed in ZUAUSR

TypeInstanceClass Name

This class was associated with several complex SUPER classes and each time the SUPER class was added, ZUAUSR administrators would ask OIT-Technical Services to create a Shell account for that user. We found that the accounts were rarely used. We were causing unnecessary work for ZUAUSR administrators and OIT-TS.

All instances of the class were deleted from ZUAUSR and a placeholder class was created. This type of class has to be a SUPER class or Security Coordinators can not see it to select.

TypeInstanceClass Name

The instance is immaterial; it could have been Talkeetna, but I left it as PROD to indicate production. The class was created with the following statement:

(ztvclsa_class_type, ztvclsa_class_inst, ztvclsa_class_name)

Creating New Banner Classes

At this point, creating new Banner classes is discouraged, but there have been circumstances when it has been unavoidable. Case in point, moving all training off of TRNX database instance to PREP database instance necessitated creating a class that only allowed visibility to training functions rather than HR and Finance test functions.

Two groups take steps to install a new Banner Class into ZUAUSR. EAS defines the class and adds roles as appropriate. Once that is done, ZUAUSR administrators make it known to ZUAUSR via a script run in SQLPLUS by zuausr@prod. See ZUAUSR Technical Guide v3.0; refresh_ZUAUSR_base_banner_classes, pg 17.

The class was created with the following fields:

Field NameValue

Classes of Script Type

As Ellucian Banner migrates functionality from Banner 8 to Banner 9, several privileges are encapsulated to facilitate Single Sign On and integration between Banner 8 and Banner 9 functions. To ensure users are granted the appropriate access, to date, three scripts have been created that are associated to SUPER classes: INSERT_GURUSRI, GRANT_BANPROXY, and GRANT_BANJSPROXY. The full process for creating the new script and having it execute is described in Creating, Modifying, and Deleting ZUAUSR Scripts.

One of the steps in the process is to create the new Script Base class. The following the basic template used:

(ztvclsa_class_type, ztvclsa_class_inst, ztvclsa_class_name
('SCRIPT','PROD','INSERT_GURUSRI', 'Script to govern Financial Aid visibility among campuses for MEP records'