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Managing Other Requests Via Ticketing


Originally, ZUAUSR was conceived as a tool to manage many types of access via automated creation. While on previous service clusters, that was indeed carried out for things like SSH creation, Degree Works accounts, and so on. But there were always tasks and accounts that could never be managed by ZUAUSR.

To simplify ZUAUSR management and transition from the Oracle Forms tool as a mean to grant access, ZUAUSR automatically only creates three types of privileges:

  • Banner Database access and accounts
  • OnBase groups
  • EDIR LDAP groups

The last two will be removed from ZUAUSR as a result of the "Retire EDIR" kicked off in the Spring of 2017. The change in management style changed the way in which people made requests for many types of activities. Most requests for access are now submitted via Cherwell ticket management. The How do I ...? explains the steps that need to be taken for each type of regularly occurring request. The document also acknowledges that many times an issue has arise during ZUAUSR processing. Rather than a series of emails that must be retained for audit as a way to validate an issue was handled, Security Coordinators and others are directed to Cherwell to make a request that falls outside frequently occurring issues.