Last modified 8 years ago Last modified on 11/21/12 12:39:31

Your UA Single-Sign-On session has been terminated

This will force authentication (require entry of credentials) for subsequent services that would otherwise rely on your existing SSO session. Removing your SSO session does NOT log you out of any individual services to which you are currently authenticated (logged in).

Risks of data cached in your browser:

If the computer/tablet/phone you are using is shared with others, and you wish to limit the risk that others will be able to view or use information that may be cached in your web browser, you can reduce (but not eliminate) such risk by the following practices.

  • Use browsers' "private browsing" option to limit sharing or storing information outside the browser window.
  • Explicitly log out of all web sites; do not rely solely on closing the browser or browser window.
  • Never take up the browser's suggestion to save passwords or "remember me," as that may enable others to log in as you!
  • Explicitly clear the cookies and caches in your browser: brief directions for common browsers.