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Services (Applications)

The following applications rely on the UA IdP for authentication and receive the value(s) of the attributes listed in the right column. The Attributes named here are described above.

Service/LinkBrief DescriptionAttributes delivered to this service
AcademicWorksAcademicWorks scholarship managementUAID, displayName, onemail
AcademicWorks QAAcademicWorks QA/test instance (in process)UAID, displayName, onemail
Adirondak (in prep) student housing tbd
AlcoholEdu Alcohol effects / healthy decisions ePPN, UAID, onemail, givenName, sn
ALEKS Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (proficiency tests)eduPersonUniqueId, givenName, sn, displayName, email
Amazon Web Services AWS role (specific LDAP group memberships) and AWS session id = uakPersonID
ArcGISMapping Platform (in process)UA ID #
Atomic Learning(instructional videos)surname, given name, UA ID#, ePPN, email, eduPersonAffiliation, and "AtomicLearningCampus" (combined set of values of uakStudentCampus and uakEmployeeCampus
Attribute reflectorView/confirm attributes from your record{lists many attribute values from your record in UA AD}
BLaST mentoring 'Biomedical Learning and Student Training' ePUID, UA Username, onemail, displayName, givenName, sn
Bluecourse evaluation; see explorancebannerID
Campus Labs (UAA)data collection, visualizationUA Usernam), UA ID #, mail, givenName, sn
Cherwell web clientCherwell ITSM web client ePPN, UA Username, banner ID, displayName, onemail
CI Login secure access to multiple research tools & collaborations:
CardioCascular Research Grid,
DOE KBase,
OSG Connect,
ePPN, eduPersonTargetedID, displayName, givenName, surname, email, eduPersonScopedAffiliation UAF Community (WordPress) eduPersonUniqueID, displayName, canonicalEmail
CourseLeaf (in prep)online course catalogUAID, ePUID, UA Username, ePPN, displayName
CTSIClinical and Translational Sciences - see IndianaCTSI
Data Cookbook Data analysis, limited to licensed usersbannerID
Digital Signage (UAA)contact Matthieu Ostrander, UAAePPN, ePUID, uaUsername, onemail, cn, uakEmployeeDept, uakEmployeeCampus, uakEmployeeMAU, uakEmployeeAffiliation
DocuSign DEMO instance electronic signatures automatic account generation and loginePUID, ePPN, givenName, surname, canonicalEmail
Duo AdminAdministration of UA's Duo accountePPN
EAB Student Success Collaborative (UAF) bannerID
EDUCAUSE(EDUCAUSE Portal)eduPersonTargetedID (PersistentID), ePPN, surname, givenName, email, eduPersonScopedAffiliation (
eduroam set-up eduroam roaming wireless network accessePPN
Enrollment RX Student recruitment / on-boarding (in Salesforce) limited usersePPN, ePUID
explorance blue course evaluation (UAF) bannerID
EZProxy access to UAF Rasmuson Library licensed scholarly databasesePPN, eduPersonAffiliation, uasystemid, uakStudentDept, uakStudentCampus, uakStudentMAU, uakEmployeeDept, uakEmployeeCampus, uakEmployeeMAU, uakStudentAffiliation, uakStudentDegree, uakEmployeeFacultyAffiliation
Faculty180 Faculty Activity Reporting (UAF)UA ID#, common name, givenName, surname, email
Filesender Utility to send / receive / short term store files up to 1TBePPN, eduPersonScopedAffiliation, displayName, sn, givenName, mail
Gartner research & advice re technologygivenName, sn, canonicalEmail, eduPersonAffiliation
GENI Experimenter PortalSite for network researchersePPN, eduPersonScopedAffiliation, displayName, sn, givenName, mail
Google PoC Google Apps for Higher Ed, including email, calendar, docs; currently only in proof-of-conceptUA Username
Gradescope Grading and feedbackePPN, ePUID, eduPersonAffiliation, displayName, sn, givenName, mail
Grouper @ UAGroup & Privilege Management (proof of concept stage)ePPN
Haven Sexual Assault Awareness / Title 9 training ePPN, UAID, onemail, givenName, sn
Haven Plus content specifically required by amendments to Clery Act ePPN, UAID, onemail, givenName, sn
Haven for Faculty/Staff scenarios & examples re: sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment ePPN, UAID, onemail, givenName, sn
HealthyRoads UA Wellness program for benefits-eligible employeesUA ID# and custom attribute
IAM @ UA this IAM wiki ePPN
iGradstudent financial literacy...
IndianaCTSI research, research grant, and collaboration toolsePPN (researchers will be promoted to provide name and email to the service)
InfoEd research administrationePPN, UA ID#
Intellex Environmental Health & Safety trainingUA Username, UA ID#, email
Inteum Web Intellectual PropertyePPN, ePUID, onemail, displayName
Internet2 research & education apps of Internet eduPersonAffiliation, email
Internet2 email lists (Sympa) subscription options, unsubscription, archives, list management eduPersonAffiliation, email
Inventor Portaldisclosures - UAF-based inventionsePPN, ePUID, onemail, displayName
Kognito - UAS only conversation & simulations re behavioreduPersonUniqueID, displayName, canonicalEmail, group memberships indicating UAS student/employee
leanhighered.orgUAA Lean Center of ExcellenceePPN, ePUID, uaUsername,onemail, displayName,cn,uakEmployeeDept,uakEmployeeCampus,uakEmployeMAU,uakEmployeeAffiliation
LeanKit kanban board to visualize projects & work-flowePPN
Maxient manage behavior recordsePPN, ePUID, givenName, sn, onemail
MediaSpace view, upload, edit videosUAID, givenName, sn, onemail, adIsMemberOf
MyDraw UAF Recreation, Adventure, and Wellness online courses bannerID
myUA HR dashboard UA jobs bannerID
NSF National Science Foundation, including FastLane for PIs (via, given name, surname, common name, email
NIH National Institutes of Health resources; services tbdgiven name, surname, email
NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information (search for Alaska in sign-in page)given name, surname, email
OohLaLa UAS only dashboard for student lifeeduPersonUniqueID, givenName (preferred), surname, canonicalEmail
ORCIDregistry of researcher identifiers linking research activitieseduPersonScopedAffiliation, sn, transientId, ePPN, givenName, onemail, uakeduPersonAffiliation, eduPersonTargetedID
OrigamiRisk demo site Risk Management tracking applicationeduPersonUniqueId (Banner ID#), displayName, eduPersonAffiliation, assignmentCount, creditHoursCurrent, mail
OrigamiRisk production site Risk Management tracking applicationeduPersonUniqueId (Banner ID#), displayName, eduPersonAffiliation, assignmentCount, creditHoursCurrent, mail
OrgSync"connect with UAF organizations, events, involvement opportunities"ePUID, ePPN, ePA, sn, givenName, onemail
Parking @ UAFParking permits ePPN, UA ID#
PageUp People UA jobs bannerID
People.alaska.eduweb gateway for UA Enterprise DirectoryuaUsername
Prevention CloudWellness tools & recordsePUID, givenName, sn, canonicalEmail
RADIUSUA RADIUS admin interfaceePA
Raveemergency communicationsePUID, ePPN, ePA
[ Reach]Digital SignageeduPersonUniqueId, displayName, givenName, sn, canonicalEmail
REFEDS mailing listsfrom GÉANT, European research & education ePPN, sn, givenName, eduPersonScopedAffiliation, eduPersonAffiliation, onemail|
Research.govNSF, NASA, & (pick UA from organization listePPN, given name, surname, common name, email
SANS Securing the HumanSecurity training & certificationePPN, ePUID, givenName, surname, canonicalEmail
Shibboleth.netwiki and issues tracking for Shibboleth projectePPN, givenName, sn, cn
Spaces Internet2 wiki at spaces.internet2.eduePPN, eduPersonEntitlement and standard values of eduPersonAffiliation
SiteImproveweb site accessibilityePPN, canonicalMail, givenName, sn
Staff Council @ UAFNominate candidates for UAF Staff Council UA ID#, given name, surname, email, telephone number, employee type, TKL, title, employee affiliation
Study Abroad @ UAF (click "Student Login") UA ID#, given name, surname, email
TextbookxUAA Bookstore eduPersonUniqueID, employeeNumber, displayName, canonicalEmail
TurningTechnologies (test)interactive learning tools and measurementsePPN, eduPUI, displayName, givenName, sn
Trac wiki, technical documentation and internal tracking for IAM-related projectsePPN
Tuition Management UAATuition Management / payment plans for studentseduPersonUniqueID, eduPersonTargetedID, displayName, sn, givenName, UAID, onemail
Tuition Management UASTuition Management / payment plans for studentseduPersonUniqueID, eduPersonTargetedID, displayName, sn, givenName, UAID, onemail
UAA.LeanHigherEd.orgcontact Matthieu Ostrander, UAePPN, ePUID, uaUsername, onemail, cn, uakEmployeeDept, uakEmployeeCampus, uakEmployeeMAU, uakEmployeeAffiliation
UAA Commons online UAA faculty/staff for teachingePPN, uaUsername, uakEmployeeCampus & MAU, displayName, sn, givenName
UAA Ticketspurchase student-discount event tickets cn (common name), displayName, eduPersonAffiliation, mail, uakStudentCampus, creditHoursCurrent
Zoom testaudio/video/screenshare conferencingePPN
Zoom audio/video/screenshare conferencingePPN