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Name Description 1 val examples OID id
adIsMemberOf group membership recorded in the UA Domain (Active Directory)multi-valuedCN=UAA_Students,OU=UAA,DC=ua,DC=ad,DC=alaska,DC=edu1.2.840.113556.1.2.102
assignmentCount UA employee's number of current assignments or jobs.single-valued1 is typical and indicates an active employee
0 indicates an employee with no current assignment or job, such as an occasional employee, adjunct faculty, faculty on leave
creditHoursCurrent current student enrollment in credit hours; some services may require a minimum number of credit hours single-valued313810.
dlevelcode from Banner HR indicating an employee's home department. More human-friendly attributes are uakEmployeeDepartment, uakEmployeeAffiliationsingle-cvaluedD8ARCH
dlevelxadditional employee affiliationsmulit-valued2A2C05, 4A80513810.
eduPersonAffiliationcontrolled vocabulary indicating role or relation of principal to UAmulti-valuedstudent, employee, staff, faculty, member, affiliate1.