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Sending (portions) of IdP logs to UA SysLog

1 Configure the IdP's logging in $IDPHOME/conf/logging.xml


1.1 Include a syslog appender:

  <appender name="IDP_SYSLOG" class="">
    <SuffixPattern>[%logger:%line] %msg</SuffixPattern>

1.2 Add a reference to this appender in one or more loggers defined in logging.xml

    <logger name="Shibboleth-Access">
        <level value="INFO" />
        <appender-ref ref="IDP_ACCESS" />
        <appender-ref ref="IDP_SYSLOG" />

    <logger name="Shibboleth-Audit">
        <level value="INFO" />
        <appender-ref ref="IDP_AUDIT" />
        <appender-ref ref="IDP_SYSLOG" />

2 To view these in the UA SysLog facility:

2.1 Log into (important to do this first)

2.2 Open this url: