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OrgSync - UA 2014-11-11


David Bantz, UA IAM, db@… +1 907 450 8314 (-> 575 322 2689)

Chris Boylan, 

Clifton King, developer

Cayce Stone, vp dev

J.D. Turner, Dir tech support, 972-907-0900 x212

Lydia Anderson,, Dir Wood Ctr 474 7037

Josh Hovis,

Shibboleth SSO integration supported.

Federated - OrgSync is an InC member!

SP metadata is in InC: entityID=""

UA IdP metadata at InCommon (trusted & updated)

Attributes required ; allowed by sponsor (see


Entity ID
Mail (Email)
EPPN (Student ID)
GiverName (First Name)
SurName (Last Name)

OrgSync indicates they can be flexible in attribute names and can parse multi-valued attributes; will send displayName


  • JIT (preferred) !! can pre-provision with extract (determine whether we do at later date)

support an additional attribute providing indication of the portion of the full institution population that is eligible. May do something similar to indicate UAF - Fairbanks student. Texas uses entitlement attribute with value of the licensed department. eduIsMemberOf is another possibility.

Project timeline:

Lydia Anderson UAF Dir Wood Ctr - would like paperwork before EOY; begin build and train and soft launch in Spring. Full roll-out August 2015.

LDAP account for OrgSync for testing test-user account with UAF - Fairbanks Campus student affiliation.
Created and details sent to Chris Boylan & J D Turner 2014-11-12.