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DuoSecurity two-factor integration with Shibboleth IdP

Requires installation of twofactor-login-handler; source on github:

Steps for integration outlined in DuoSecurity's web site:

Even briefer documentation in the Shibboleth wiki:

To make use of two-factor a user option, need this additional component:

DuoSecurity contacts:

Diane Sheldon-Ku, Enterprise Account Executive, +1734 418-8623

Patrick Garrity, Technical Account Manager, +1 734 418 8668 Cell: +1 248 444 8662 Skype: DuoPatrick


  1. Initial setup of DuoSecurity "personal" demo account: Screenshot
  2. Get source and install twofactor-login-handler: Patrick Garrity confirms the needed jar file is which contains a single jar file, duo.jar