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The Trac wikis can browse and display subversion repositories (under the "Browse" tab). The Shibboleth repository is on iron; others may be located elsewhere. At UA, servers are generally prevented from exchanging files among themselves, so you cannot in general run the client on one of the servers. Instead you check out versions to your workstation and when ready to commit a new version (after revision and testing) check it back in.

RHEL and CENTOS come with command line svn. Apple provides an installer for svn and other command line tools. Third-party implementations and GUI tools exist, but for most purposes the generic command-line implementation of the Apache code is sufficient.

Here's how to get subversion on a 10.8 Mac:

  1. Install Xcode via the App Store.
  2. Launch Xcode, perform any initial setup it wants.
  3. Open Xcode's Preferences, click on the Downloads tab at the top.
  4. Click the Install button next to Command Line Tools, wait for the process to complete.

After that is done, you should have svn and any related tools in your shell's $PATH. Any GUI tools (e.g. svnX) that rely on svn should now also be able to find the binary at /usr/bin/svn.

Apache Subversion User Manuals, release notes, and other links:
Subversion Documentation

Version Control with Subversion, online version of O'Reilly book, is available 2MB html and 468 page pdf versions.